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Why Induction heating system is popular with people

The use of induction diathermy electric furnace is very extensive in life, in our production and life, there are many fields that need induction heating system, in the use of induction heating system, The use of numerical control induction heating system has been loved by people, numerical control is a kind of name for technology. Numerical control is a general-purpose or special-purpose computer to realize digital program control. The use of this technology makes the production more efficient. Below let the editor tell you why the numerical control induction heating system will be loved by people.

long bar hardening and tempering production line

CNC induction heating system advanced technology, so that production and life more convenient, our use of more convenient, safe. Its characteristics are many, such as: its numerical control technology, is to have the connection, at the same time, piecewise connection and so on some functions, so as to play a better role in quenching function; Its application can be used in the induction quenching of shaft, disk, tooth and other parts, and the advanced nature of its system allows it to configure the integrated quenching liquid circulation cooling system; It has a high degree of automation, thanks to its adoption of technology, it adopts the profile machine fuselage, so that the work more smoothly.

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Post time: 04-16-2019