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Why do you think induction heating is more economical?

 induction heat treatment equipment is a very popular intermediate frequency heating equipment at present, because of its excellent performance, it occupies a place in the heat treatment market quickly, so what practical convenience can Metal induction heat treatment furnace bring to us? Take a look at the following:

1. The high-efficiency energy-saving induction heating device is used for heating by using the electromagnetic induction principle, the electromagnetic induction heating is different from other transmission and heating modes, the electromagnetic heat is generated, the heated object is self-heating, the heat loss of the heating process is almost zero, and the heat utilization rate can reach more than 95 percent;

2, the intelligent operation is more convenient, the integration of the new technical concept of the PLC is more convenient, the induction heating equipment of the intelligent operation is built, the field staff, the PLC touch screen control equipment is used for controlling equipment feeding, conveying, heating, cooling, blanking, fault monitoring and the like, and the field staff are liberated, the invention has the advantages of being more convenient and efficient and safe and processing.

3, the environmental protection is more and more energy-saving, the environment-friendly characteristic of the integrated all-in-one machine of the induction heating equipment is reduced, the users of the heat treatment plant are relieved of a lot of burden, and a great amount of money is not needed to deal with the pollution problems such as waste gas, waste smoke and dust noise, The special heating mode makes the production less pollution, and the heat treatment user can easily pass the environment-friendly detection.


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