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Why choose Induction heating Furnace for Heat treatment?

With the development of science and technology, energy-saving and consumption-reducing technology is constantly updated, and electromagnetic induction technology is one of them. Because the development of electromagnetic induction technology started late, many friends do not know it, the following far-distance electromechanical Induction heating furnace manufacturers for electromagnetic induction technology to do a simple introduction.

At present, the induction heating furnace is a new type of metal heating equipment, which uses the electromagnetic induction principle to heat-treat the metal workpiece. Compared with traditional metal heating equipment, using resistance wire and quartz heating, the heating efficiency is low and has many other disadvantages. And the traditional metal heating equipment is still heated by heat transfer in the air, which causes a large amount of waste of heat in the air. Compared with the traditional heating method, induction heating furnace this electromagnetic induction principle is more energy-saving and consumption-reducing. The induction heating equipment places the workpiece in it through an induction coil, and then tradition the heat into the work piece, so that the metal work piece is evenly covered with alternating current, which changes from current to heat, so that the heat is generated from the inner part of the metal work piece. Instead of heating by heat transfer, the loss of heat in air is reduced, the heating efficiency of users is improved and the waste of energy is reduced.


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