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Why are you more advised to use induction heating equipment?

Now your peers are using induction heat treatment equipment as  Metal induction heat treatment furnace, and are you using traditional gas furnaces and gas stoves for metal heat treatment? If that’s the case, then you can OUT. Using traditional gas furnace, gas furnace heating efficiency is low, and at any time by environmental protection departments to “drink tea.” But the use of induction heating equipment is different, induction heating equipment because of its special heating principle, heat generated from the metal work-piece inside, the heat utilization rate is as high as 95%, and the production process will not produce waste gas, smoke and other pollution, you can rest assured!

The following is a brief introduction to the induction heating equipment for you:

1, this metal heating equipment uses IGBT solid-state inverter technology, which can achieve full power output, high heating efficiency.

2, the intermediate frequency heating equipment uses digital phase-locked technology, frequency automatic tracking, so that the production operation is more simple and convenient.

3, the function of the whole induction heating equipment is perfect, the reliability is high, whether it is overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, Water shortage or defect system can realize automatic alarm.

4, modular design, electromechanical integrated structure design, simple production and installation, installation can be used without debugging.

5, high load rate, production can realize continuous operation, 24 hours uninterrupted, high user production efficiency.

6, induction heating equipment can replace those equipment that pollutes the environment, such as gas, coke, oil furnace, electric furnace, Tube high frequency, etc., the production of this metal heating equipment to achieve pollution-free.

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