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Which one is good for the plate surface treatment furnace? This one is worth recommending!

Environmental protection requires that many  induction heat treatment equipment manufacturers are required to stop production or limit production, and high quality metal materials rise, which is a well-known market situation for users in heat treatment market, and investment in environmental protection heat treatment becomes a hot project in the market. It is a common investment way to use induction heating equipment as a plate surface treatment furnace. Recently consult the user to buy a set of induction heating equipment plate surface treatment furnace, let recommend the appropriate manufacturer and equipment model, this, the small edition is briefly introduced in this article.

induction billet heating

First, the plate surface treatment equipment manufacturer recommends, “I want to buy a set of induction heating plate surface treatment furnace, is there a manufacturer recommended?” For the similar questions raised by users, after the investigation and analysis of the market situation, the editor sincerely recommends Hebei Yuantian electromechanical manufacturers. This is a professional induction heating equipment for nearly 20 years of good-hearted manufacturers, good word of mouth, strong strength, equipment quality, cost-effective, and after-sales service is more intimate and perfect. Free door-to-door installation, operation guidance, equipment maintenance, life-long warranty and other services to avoid worries about the use of equipment. It is worth mentioning that the surface treatment equipment of current production plate produced by Yuantuo Electromechanical Factory is of excellent workmanship, solid technology, more efficient environmental protection, and the overall quality is more efficient.

1, less pollution, low noise, green, environmental protection heat treatment site let users rest assured;

2, high yield, high efficiency, stable work, less faults;

3, strong and durable, parts and components live longer;

4, the quality of the plate is improved after induction heating, and there is no oxidation scale and decarbonization on the surface, and the appearance is beautiful.

Second, the model of plate surface treatment furnace introduces the purchase of induction heating plate surface treatment equipment, I think we need to understand the frequency first, in order to facilitate our purchase of plate surface treatment furnace. High frequency induction heating equipment, heating workpiece depth is low, suitable for user surface heat treatment, low frequency plate surface treatment equipment, heating workpiece temperature is deep, most of them are used for diathermy treatment. In addition, Yuantian manufacturers free induction heating surface quenching equipment model, output customization service, equipment color can also be customized according to user preferences, more humanized service to make users more comfortable. In a word, if you want to buy plate surface treatment equipment, why do you have to run east and west, Hebei Yuantuo mechanical and electrical professional technology, reliable service, high-quality equipment, economic prices to make users more satisfied. If you want to buy a plate surface treatment furnace, you can call Yuantian Electromechanical directly, the manufacturer will have professional and technical personnel to contact you and talk to you, customize the appropriate equipment scheme and quotation for you free of charge, small investment, high cost recovery!

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