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Which is good for heating billet in China?

Which is good for heating billet in China?

Billet induction heating furnace is the heating equipment used in automobile manufacturing and mine machinery industry. It is an important heating equipment for steel bars, steel billet, steel plate and so on. At present, Forever is the most famous billet induction heating furnace in our country. The billet induction heating furnace produced by Forever has been accepted by the users in the industry with its unique performance advantages.

Technical advantages of electric billet induction heating furnace

1. Flexible application and wide range of applications
The adaptability of the billet induction heating furnace is very flexible. The induction coil is customized according to the size of the user’s workpiece. The induction coils with the corresponding specifications are arranged in different parts. It is only necessary to replace the corresponding furnace segment to meet different production requirement, and the replacement is simple and fast.

2. The structure is simple and the function is complete
The overall structure design of the billet induction heating furnace is very simple and novel. The use of split type structure is mainly composed of medium frequency power supply, induction heating system, conveying system and control system. The functions are very complete and easy to install.

3. Advanced technology and high degree of automation
The billet induction heating furnace has introduced the advanced technology concept of foreign countries and the domestic mature induction heating equipment production process. The electric system of the billet induction heating furnace adopts PLC centralized control, and the degree of automation is high. It does not need too much operation procedure and manpower, which greatly reduces the labor force and work burden of the staff.

4. The heating effect is good and the efficiency is higher
The billet induction heating furnace uses electromagnetic induction principle to heat the steel billet. The heat is produced directly from the inside of the steel billet in the form of non contact, reducing the loss of the heat transfer in the air by the traditional equipment. It has high heating efficiency and the production efficiency of the factory is greatly improved.

5. Good sealing performance and green environmental protection
In order to make green production of environmental protection, Forever equipment has high sealing ability to optimize the environmental protection of the billet induction heating furnace, and it does not produce high temperature, noise and dust around the production furnace. It improves the production environment and is in line with the concept of national green environmental protection.

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