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Which induction heating equipment manufacturer is trustworthy?

Induction heat treatment furnace is a popular heat treatment furnace in heat treatment market. At present, induction heating equipment is widely used in heat treatment of metal workpieces. What do you know about this new metal heat treatment furnace? Do you know which manufacturer is trustworthy?

The main characteristics of induction heating equipment are as follows:

1, small volume, saving area, less than traditional metal heat treatment furnace flame furnace 1 / 3, making use of users to plan the site reasonably.

2. Adopting the mechatronics structure design, the performance is stable, the structure is compact, the load rate is up to 99%, can realize the 24-hour continuous uninterrupted operation, meets the user’s high output requirement.

2, the medium frequency furnace is heated by electromagnetic principle, and the waste smoke and dust are not produced in the processing process, so the environmental protection production can be realized.

4, using PLC touch screen centralized control, production to achieve one-touch operation, one person can operate a complete set of induction heating equipment, release a large number of labor, reduce costs.


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