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Where to find continuous quenching furnace for long bars? Contact!

Where to find continuous quenching furnace for long bars? Contact!

         Start from the heart to achieve value. In recent years, Forever has actively built a complete industrial layout of induction heat treating furnace, continuously expanding new users and providing users with one-stop construction solutions. Continuous quenching furnace is another quality product that is recognized by customers. At the beginning of this year, Forever was guided by the needs of customers and set the strength of innovation of the entire company to create a new type of continuous quenching furnace. Once it was launched, it was widely acclaimed.

        Strong technical foundation and production advantages

        After the continuous quenching furnace was put on the market, it provoked hot debate in the industry. Its comprehensive and balanced performance has been recognized by people in the industry.
        Forever always pays attention to technological innovation and sustainable development. Research and development capabilities, manufacturing capabilities, and product quality are at the leading edge in the country and close to the international advanced level. Forever has strong core component production capabilities, leading the industry in the development of mid-frequency power supply production technologies, air-cooled power supply production technologies and integrated development technologies for electrical and transmission components. The market share of continuous quenching furnace can be up to 40%, transmission efficiency can be up to 67%.

        Four advantages leading industry

        With the help of the gold industry chain, the power matching of the continuous quenching furnace is more reasonable and the overall performance is outstanding. This is reflected in four major areas:

        1.High reliability. The continuous quenching furnace adopts IGBT converter specially designed for the equipment and composes the gold transmission chain. The matching is more reasonable and the response is fast and reliable.
       2.Work efficiency. The optimized design of the efficient transmission mechanism has the advantages of rapid movement, zero failure rate, and strong lifting ability. The vehicle responds quickly, the operation is highly efficient, and the compound operation efficiency is increased by 10%.
        3.Electrical energy economy. The IGBT converter is equipped with a multi-power power-saving switch, which can meet different operating environment requirements.

      4.Comfort control.The PLC console is equipped with digital instrument clusters, color display screens, real-time device information display and fault online detection, facilitating the interactive use of inspection and maintenance.

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