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Where to buy good induction heat treating equipment?

Where to buy good induction heat treating equipment?


Manufacturing induction heat treating equipment, induction heat treating furnace for more than 16 years, Forever Furnace can not only supply the best quality induction heat treating equipment but also we are the specialist who can give you the most cost-effective solutions of induction heat treating equipment.

Forever Furnace induction heat treating equipment is used for steel bar induction heat treating,steel pipe induction heat treating, aluminum bar induction heat treating, billet induction heat treating,slab induction heat treating, deformed bar induction heat treating, sucker rod induction heat treating and so on.

 Forever induction heat treating equipment has advantages of  flexible production organization, high degree of automation, good operation environment and low energy consumption.  The user only needs to tell us the material grade for your work piece, the specification, heating temperature and production capacity.Then Forever Furnace will give you the best price ass per your factory status.

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Post time: 03-16-2016