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Where to buy cost effective bar induction heating furnace?

Where to buy cost effective bar induction heating furnace?

The rapid development of domestic construction, metallurgy and other industries has brought the rise of heat treatment and induction heating equipment. Steel bar induction heating furnace has already become the “hot selling product” in forming heating and heat treating equipment, which has attracted the attention and welcome of the investors. There are tens of thousands of manufacturers of induction heating equipment on the market, and they are also mixed, making it difficult for customers to choose. So where to buy cost effective bar induction heating furnace? Through the market survey, we would like to introduction Forever company to you, one professional manufacturer of bar induction heating furnace in China.

1.The strength of the factory is strong

The company, located in Wuqiao Economic Development Zone, Hebei, has a large area factory production base, and has professional R & D, technology, production, sales, service and so on. It has high popularity in Hebei and even the whole country. By virtue of its years of strength, it has formed its own brand “Forever”. It is an excellent induction heating enterprise which is worthy of trust.

2. A wide range of equipment

Bar induction heating furnace has many applications

A.Heating before forging, From length 100mm-8000mm, our machine has already have many successful cases. The quality of forgings is uniform and no deformation.

B.Heating before rolling. The most common to see is rebars and steel balls rolling. Before the billet charging into the rolling mill, we will heat the bars or billet to 950-1200℃, then it will be charged into rolling mill to make rebars or steel balls. The temperature from surface to the core is uniform.

C.Heat treatment. In order to get some mechanical properties, the steel bars usually need to do heat treatment, such as quenching ,tempering or annealing. The workpiece can be grinding rod, anchor bolt, wind power bolt and so on.

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