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What’s the process for continuous casting billet heating furnace?

What’s the process for continuous casting billet heating furnace?

Forever is in the field of induction heating equipment since its establish. Now our main products used for rolling mill is steel bar rolling heating equipment, continuous casting billet heating furnace, forging forming heating equipment, seamless pipe heating equipment before piercing. Here we would like to tell you the process for continuous casting billet heating furnace because it’s a new technology in the steel industry.

After refining the converter, the molten steel needs to be cast into different types and different specifications of billets. The continuous casting stage is a continuous casting process for continuous casting of molten steel into steel billets. The main equipment includes revolving platform, tundish, crystallizer, tension leveller and so on.

The non sinusoidal oscillation technology has remarkable effect in improving the casting speed, improving the surface quality of the billet and reducing the leakage rate. This technology can not only improve the casting speed, increase the productivity, reduce the leakage, make the production of the continuous casting machine stable, but also provide high surface quality casting billet for rolling, and improve the quality of the rolling material.

The ladle containing refined steel is transported to the turntable, and the turntable is turned into pouring, and the molten steel is injected into the tundish, and the tundish is then allocated to the various crystallizer by the nozzle. Mold is one of the core equipment of continuous casting machine, which causes castings to form and rapidly solidify and crystallize. The pulling leveller is combined with the crystallizing vibration device to pull the casting out of the mould, and after cooling and electromagnetic stirring, the casting is cut into a certain length of slab.

Continuous casting automation control mainly includes continuous casting machine roller speed control, mold vibration frequency control, fixed length cutting control technology. Continuous casting and continuous rolling requires the continuous casting machine to produce the billet at high temperature, with high surface quality and internal quality. At the same time, the continuous caster has high productivity and high drawing speed to meet the needs of high speed rolling. Non sinusoidal oscillation technology is the key technology of continuous casting and rolling.

After the billet casting from the CCM, it will be transformed to the rolling mill. But it will have heat loss during this process, then our continuous casting billet heating furnace can increase the billet surface temperature to the required rolling temperature.

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