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What is the high quality steel pipe annealing equipment

What is the high quality steel pipe annealing equipment

Forever furnace company specializing in producing the steel pipe annealing equipment.The annealing of the steel pipe is to heat the steel to the temperature of the phase transformation then after heat preservation and  the slow cooling of the heat treatment method.

The purpose of annealing is to eliminate the defects and improve the organization to make component uniformity and refine the grain and improve the mechanical properties of steel, reduce the residual stress; at the same time, reduce hardness and improve the plasticity and toughness, improve the machining performance.

The main advantages of the steel pipe annealing equipment :

1.Saving energy and reducing power consumption.

2.Environment friendly.Because the induction heating process won’t release the smoke pollution.

3.Improve efficiency and reduce labor costs.The annealing furnace equipped the advanced induction heating system.

4.The surface of the steel pipe is bright, does not produce the scale.

5.The straight of the steel pipe is good and reduced the deformation to a minimum.

Forever furnace company is the professional manufacture for the induction heat treating equipment, our company own the strong technical team to supply you the customized  induction heating equipment solution.

Post time: 07-14-2016