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What mode does the manufacturer of IGBT billet induction heating equipment take to get more market share?

What mode does the manufacturer of IGBT billet induction heating equipment take to get more market share?

In recent years, China’s industry and economy have shown a double growth trend. China’s billet induction heating equipment industry is known as a big country in the global induction heating equipment with a huge annual total import and export volume. Our country uses hundreds of millions of RMB to purchase imported products each year, of which the precision, large, complex and long life electronic modules are the majority. With the support of the country’s independent products, it will gradually reduce the import, thus bringing new development opportunities to the domestic IGBT medium frequency power supply.

With the continuous development of China’s billet induction heating equipment industry, the demand and requirements for IGBT billet induction heating equipment are also gradually improving. The demand of middle and high grade IGBT medium frequency power supply in the domestic market is increasing, and the development of various industries also puts forward higher requirements for the requirements of medium frequency billet induction heating equipment, which provides a broad market space for the IGBT billet induction heater in China. The import and export volume of billt induction heater in China is increasing from a quantitative perspective, and the equipment exported mainly depends on high-end products.

In the past two years, many medium manufacturers of billet induction heating equipment have realized their own problems, are actively looking for good solutions, constantly improving the management level of enterprises, improving the overall efficiency of management, rationally optimizing the structure of departments and improving the professional quality of employees. However, in general, there are still many problems in these enterprises.

When vigorously developing highly efficient advanced IGBT billet induction heating equipment, Forever also pay great attention to after-sales service and strive to create more market share.

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