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What kind of workpiece needs metal surface heat treatment furnace?

The word  induction heat treatment equipment is known to many people, but few people know about other more detailed things. What we want to know today is the metal surface heat treatment furnace, yes, to see the word, as the name implies: heating, annealing, tempering, quenching and other related behaviors on the surface of metal materials.

The use of a Metal induction heat treatment furnace:

the welding of the diamond bit of the hard alloy and the welding of the hard alloy cutter for machining the hard alloy saw blade;

The welding of the cutting tool of various drilling tools, such as the cutting tool, the reamer, and the like; such as high-strength bolt nuts and the like, of standard parts;

The heat treatment of the hand tool of the hard metal tool is carried out by quenching concrete conveying pump on the inner wall of the pump pipe, such as a pliers wrench, and a hammer and an axe; the high-frequency quenching treatment of the accessory of various automobile parts and motorcycles, such as the crankshaft connecting rod piston pin crank pin chain wheel camshaft valve various rocker arm shaft; the high-frequency quenching treatment of various small shafts of various small shafts of a gear shaft of various gears in the transmission gear box is carried out;

high-frequency quenching treatment for heat treatment of metal parts such as various shaft spline shaft pins of various gear chain wheels; The quenching treatment of the bed surface guide rail of the machine tool industry is carried out by heating the rivet of the railway rivet to heat the rivet to heat the vehicle rivet to heat the vehicle rivet to heat the heat treatment of the inner wall of the pump pipe and the heat treatment transfer pump of the inner wall of the quenching pump body for heat treatment.

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