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What kind of pipe hardening and tempering furnace can help users to make profits?

What kind of pipe hardening and tempering furnace can help users to make profits?

With the arrival of the era of induction heating equipment industry and the acceleration of the pace of economic globalization, the market competition of induction heating equipment is becoming more and more fierce. Technological progress and technological innovation are becoming the driving force of the development of market economy. Technological innovation is the important approach to achieve the advantages of hardening and tempering furnace. In the fierce market competition, whether the production enterprises of induction heating equipment can develop the new technology and new products as per the market demand and change, which need to adopt the corresponding development strategy, which is the key to the survival and development of the enterprises in the competition.

The electric hardening and tempering furnace has all improved in the aspects of energy saving, reliability and durability. The energy saving technology of the induction heating equipment is low and the energy consumption is lower than the industry 10-15%. The whole machine adopts the advanced IGBT power supply module of the world, the power consumption is reduced by more than 25%, the whole machine is safe and no discharge; the series harmonic of professional design Vibration inverter, induction heating technology with features of high reliability and super durable; whole PLC control control for hardening and tempering furnace with advantages of stable of start and stop, uniform heating and low failure rate. With imported special controller and color display screen, the operation is concise and flexible.

The medium frequency hardening and tempering furnace is equipped with strong power environmental protection and high power supply, the operation ability is raised by 50%. The pipeline hardening and tempering furnace has both convenient operation and intelligent fine temperature control technology. It has the advanced and unique infrared temperature measuring device, based on the PLC intelligent control system and special controller, so that the pipe hardening and tempering furnace has better heat treatment effect for pipes.

The special self-made base of the equipment is made by stainless steel roller, which has superior of super stability and strong transportation; the optimized design of the amplitude changing mechanism has increased the position of the support, which can ensure the stability of the hardening and tempering furnace.



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