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What kind of intermediate frequency heating equipment will users like?

The turning mechanism of medium frequency heat-treating equipment is composed of frame and hopper, and there are two groups of detection switches on it, which are manually controlled and can be flipped arbitrarily between 0 and 135 degrees. Minamata card dumps the rod clean. this mechanism adopts cylinder or cylinder to flip the material. The operation is stable and there are four retaining columns in the hopper, which can block the material frame without affecting the bar. The frame adopts large national standard channel steel welding, solid material, firm and reliable

The feeding mechanism of aluminum plate electric heating furnace is composed of rubbing board and finishing mechanism. There are six groups of detection switches, which are automatically controlled, in which four groups of switches are lower limit, whole material level, waiting level and upper limit, respectively. The whole material mechanism is composed of 2 detection switches, which is the front and rear limit, and the feeding power of the rubbing board is the oil cylinder. Guide to linear guide rail, stable and reliable feeding. And the whole material way is to place a push cylinder between the rubbing board, which can quickly knock off the non-standard material from the rubbing board, and ensure that all the materials entering the transportation chain are consistent with the transportation direction. This mechanism adapts to a wide range of blanks, and this kind of finishing mechanism is also a leading level in China. The conveying mechanism is composed of a frame and a chain, on which there is a set of detection switches to detect the presence or absence of bars, to give rubbing signals, and to provide baffle on both sides of the conveying mechanism, which can deal with bars of different axial diameter specifications. The scope of application is wide.


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