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What kind of intermediate-frequency heat treatment equipment can take advantage of the development of the industry?

Steel tube annealing furnace is an industry leading Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment expert, its products are widely used in steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, thick wall steel pipe and other workpieces, to ensure the safety and efficiency of heat treatment. Intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment has stable productivity, strong safety and operability. This equipment can adapt to the difficult working environment. It can raise the temperature to 1000 degrees in three minutes. In addition, it is very stable and easy to operate. At the same time, steel tube annealing furnace will not produce any emissions, is an environmentally friendly new induction heating equipment.

The medium-frequency heat treatment equipment is an expert in heat treatment. After installation can be convenient to work, simple and intuitive operation, ready to work at any time. Medium-frequency heat treatment equipment is also easier to maintain, more portable, but also save maintenance costs. Steel tube annealing furnace has a modern shape, excellent performance and high reliability. It also has automatic leveling platform, alarm components, electromechanical protection components, and so on. Compared with the same series of intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment designed and manufactured in the past, it is safer and faster to fulfill the work requirements of different specifications of workpieces. In addition, the newly designed PLC control panel makes the control easier and humanized, and it is an ideal solution to improve the productivity of the enterprise. The PLC console provides a safety guarantee for metal workpieces under any working conditions. This PLC console not only can easily pass through the standard doorway, but also can be easily shipped to the van, transportation is flexible and convenient.

FOREVER believes that the market for induction heating equipment in China will still have great potential for development in the future, and will be like other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. From the shipbuilding industry as the main sales channel to today’s enterprises as the most important strategic partners. The excellent safety and efficiency of intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment is the driving force of this successful model.

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