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What kind of furnace is used for heating billet?

What kind of furnace is used for heating billet?

In the new era, the development of infrastructure projects, high-rise buildings, subway construction, the development of high speed rail, water conservancy projects and so on, the development of each industry can not be separated from the metal workpiece as the basis. With the development of industry, the quality of the steel bar or billet is more and more higher, so what kind of furnace we should use ?

There are many induction billet heater in the market, such as flame furnace, gas stove, gas stove, resistance furnace and induction heating furnace. How to choose a suitable equipment with simple production process, less investment and high output, and what kind of equipment is used for billet heating? How much does it cost to buy a full set of induction billet heater? This is a brief introduction to you.

Introduction of induction billet heater

In the present market, there are so many kinds of equipment to heat the billet. Please see the following details.

1.Flame furnace: the flame furnace is the early heat treatment equipment, the heating speed is fast, the output is high, but the billet damage rate is also high, and the heating efficiency is very low, the energy consumption is big, it is not conducive to environmental protection.

2.Gas stove: industrial gas furnace is a cyclical operation furnace, the furnace temperature is uniform, the workpiece is heated evenly, the operating conditions are good.

3.Resistance furnace: resistance furnace is a heat treatment equipment which uses the current to heat the resistance material, the heating efficiency is about 40%, and the efficiency is not high.

4.Induction billet heater: induction heating furnace is the mainstream furnace in the market, the production of energy saving and environmental protection, the efficiency is up to 60%~70%.

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