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What kind of furnace is the best machine for heating billet?

What kind of furnace is the best machine for heating billet?

In the steel processing industry, billet heating furnace is what common used. There are many types of billet heating furnace, such as gas furnace, billet induction heating equipment, resistance furnace, vacuum furnace and so on. Actually, different types of furnace has different application. Here we will talk about the billet induction heating equipment application. 

1.Cold billet heating, such as steel ball hot rolling, rebar or TMT bars hot rolling. We can use billet induction heating equipment to heat the cold billet to 1100℃, usually the power consumption is 280-320kw/h for heating one ton. However, in some steel mills, they are using gas furnace at present. In order to increase the productivity, they need to use our billet induction heating equipment to heat the billet from 20℃ to 400℃ and then use their reheating gas furnace for rolling.

2.Inline billet induction heating equipment. That means our billet induction heater will heat the billet from some degree temperature to the required rolling temperature such as from 850℃ to 1100℃. There is two heating types for this. 

A. Continuous casting and rolling: After discharging from continuous casting machine, the billet surface heat will have loss during the transportation to the rolling mill. If put a billet induction heater between CCM and rolling mill, the billet surface temperature will be increased to rolling temperature. That can reduce the roller damage rate and improve the billet qualified rate. What is the most important, this process is more energy saving as it only need to heat 1/3 of the billet.

B.Heating with gas furnace: Some customers is using gas furnace to heat the cold billet first and then use our billet induction heater to increase the surface temperature. Of course this power consumption will be more than the process of continuous casting and rolling. But the user don’t need to invest too much cost on the equipment.

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