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What kind of continuous billet induction heating furnace is able to stay ahead of the international market?

What kind of continuous billet induction heating furnace is able to stay ahead of the international market?

The rapid development of the iron and steel industry has brought great pull effect to the billet induction heating furnace industry in China, but the lack of high end supporting capability makes many domestic enterprises have no choice but to import the key electronic components. In March this year, the high efficiency continuous Forever billet induction heating furnace were exported to overseas.

The production level and the technical strength of the equipment are first class

It has strong R & D and production strength in the field of intelligent billet induction heating furnace manufacturing. In the past ten years, it has provided thousands of stable billet induction heating furnace for the market and home and abroad.

The continuous billet induction heating furnace adopts imported IGBT advanced power module, imported Fuji rectifier advanced module and epoxy power output transformer imported from abroad. Billet induction heating furnace makes the billet inside generate induction eddy in the alternating magnetic field, which makes the billet warm up. It can penetrate non metal workpiece and heat up local or all metal workpiece rapidly.

Fine characteristics of continuous billet induction heating furnace.

High efficiency and energy saving. By using electromagnetic induction heating, the heating temperature is fast, the billet oxide layer is very less, and the temperature of user demand is quickly achieved.

High temperature control. An infrared temperature measuring device is installed at the inlet and outlet of the continuous billet induction heater to measure and control the temperature in real time and ensure the heating quality.

There is no pollution in the environment. The billet induction heating furnace uses renewable energy as heating energy. It will not produce harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, sulfur and noise during the process of billet heating so as to ensure the safe production operation of the workers.

When increasing the productivity of billet induction heating furnace, the products of induction heating equipment are also expanding relying on their powerful development ability. In order to occupy the market of high-end intelligent billet induction heating furnace, Forever developed energy saving billet induction heating furnace. For example, the power consumption is only 15kwh/t for billet continuous casting and rolling process, which has completed the development of the demand project in India and Vietnam.

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