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What is the specific difference between air-cooled induction heating equipment and water cooling?

What is the specific difference between air-cooled induction heating equipment and water cooling?

In the high-frequency operation of the induction heating equipment, the high-power switching device (IGBT) will be slightly hot, so it is necessary to cool down the control panel to prevent the induction heating furnace from being stopped due to overheat temperature of the control panel. Generally, there are two methods for cooling the heating power control panel, one is air-cooled and the other is water-cooled. Regarding the air-cooling and water-cooling heating power supply, it depends on the occasion, climate and environment:

What is the difference between air-cooled induction heating equipment and water cooling?

The water-cooled induction heating equipment power supply has two pipes, one is the water inlet and the other is the water outlet. The water-cooled heating power source has a certain demand for water quality. It is better to use tap water or use well water and special cooling water. However, it is not possible to use river water. Since there will be some grass or sand in the river water, if the grass or sand is sucked in, the water cannot be cooled, the temperature cannot be cooled, and the simple overheating maintenance stops the operation of the induction heating furnace. Another point is that in the northern region or some lower temperature regions, it is not suitable to use water-cooled induction heating power. Because the temperature is too low, the cooling water can not work or even freezes, then the effect of water cooling cannot be reached. In the southern region, water cooling is more suitable, and the main advantage is reflected in the good cooling effect.

The air-cooled induction heating equipment power supply, which is called air-cooling, is because the method of cooling is to use a fan to cool the air. An electric fan is installed inside the power cabinet. When the power supply is connected, the fan will start to change, and the air blower is cooled, which is the same as the operation principle of the electric fan inside the PLC control host. The advantages of air-cooled power supply: the device is convenient, there is no need to instal the pipeline and there is no need for water quality, no influence from the climatic environment, better cooling effect.

Forever air-cooled induction heating equipment with energy-saving as the core of the upcoming telescopic electromechanical has the following eight characteristics:

1.Automatically adjust for different frequency or induction heater.

2. The power supply cooling does not require other media, saving resources.

3. The coil uses advanced magnetic material ferrite, which greatly improves the heat conversion rate.

4.Never leaking water, never leaking electricity, and the service life is more than 20 years.

5. The power supply can be touched to control. 


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