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What is the reason why induction heating equipment is not heated?

At present, induction heat treatment equipment is a kind of metal heat treatment equipment commonly used by us, because induction heat treatment machine is favored by users because of its special heating principle, fast heating speed, short heating time, high processing quality and so on. Today, the editor would like to tell you about the induction heating equipment in the production process if there is no heating, then what is the reason?

If the induction heating equipment is not heated for what reasons

1, the heating tube burns because the induction heating equipment is electrically driven, so if there is a problem with the heating tube itself, it will easily cause the heating tube to burn out and the heating tube will not be heated. At this time can be detected by multimeter to see if it is its problem, broken even if replaced.

2, the abnormal control system may also exist. The general integrated or PLC control system automatically controls the temperature, which, once abnormal, will also affect the induction heating equipment can not heat up. It is generally recommended to contact the manufacturer to replace the maintenance.

3, if the electrical component connection of induction heating equipment is loose, it will also cause the line to be impassable, and then it will not be able to heat it. The probability of this kind of situation is relatively high, so we can focus on the inspection of the connection place, which is convenient even to solve the problem.


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