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What is the price of a set of pipe fittings heating equipment?

The pipe fitting is an important component in the pipeline system, and has the functions of connection, control, direction change, shunt and so on. The pipe is an important system in the pipeline. For its performance requirements, the selection of induction heating machine   as a  tube induction heating furnace is the first choice for many production processing plants, so how much is a set of pipe heating equipment? A brief introduction to the analysis will be made for you.

pipe induction heating furnace

First of all, it is understood that the pipe heating equipment of this pipe furnace adopts the principle of medium frequency electromagnetic induction to heat the pipe fittings, and the internal current of the pipe fittings is generated by induction coil, so that the heat can be generated from the interior of the pipe fittings and reach the temperature required by the user. The heating efficiency of this heating method is as high as 85%, the heat waste is small, and it is more energy-saving than other equipment. At the same time, there is no pollution such as waste gas and smoke in the production process. To achieve environmental protection, in line with the requirements of relevant departments.

Second, the influencing factors of the price of pipe fittings heating equipment should say how much is a set of pipe heating equipment? We know that induction heating equipment belongs to non-standard custom products, different users, different equipment configuration, its own price will naturally be different; in addition, different manufacturers, purchase methods, etc., will also affect the price of pipe fittings heating furnace,

Analysis of the selection scheme: the induction heating equipment is more and more, and when the customer is purchasing, the customer should choose the excellent equipment which is more suitable for the long-term development of the equipment, and the heating equipment, the function and the effect of the pipe fittings of different models will not be the same. The price of the equipment will not be the same. There are many manufacturers of pipe heating equipment, among which excellent manufacturers are not a few. It is generally recommended that customers choose the excellent manufacturers of direct-selling, big-brand and powerful. The manufacturers have independent R & D, production, sales and service capability, and the equipment quotation given will be more favorable; on the other hand, The quality of the equipment of the small factory is not guaranteed, and the price is likely to be water, and the customer is usually not recommended.3. The purchase mode is different: the way that the customer purchases the pipeline heating equipment, the channel and the like can also cause the price change, and the nearby selection can save a part of the transportation cost, In addition, if the customer selects the online purchasing device, it is generally cheaper than the offline purchase.

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