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What is the function of energy saving steel pipe annealing furnace and what should be considered?

What is the function of energy saving steel pipe annealing furnace and what should be considered?

The steel pipe annealing furnace is mainly used for the heat treatment of the steel pipe in the protective atmosphere. When the performance requirements are different, the requirements for metallographic structure after annealing are different, and the technology of bright heat treatment is also different.

Forever steel pipe annealing furnace mainly consists of conveying device, power distribution cabinet, induction pipe heater, motor, PLC control unit, temperature control system, operation panel, frequency converter and so on. The heating temperature and heating time of the steel pipe annealing furnace can be set by the PLC control console. The basic working principle of the steel pipe annealing furnace is similar with induction heating equipment. The difference is that the steel pipe annealing furnace is composed of furnace chamber, which can operate independently and improve the production efficiency.

Analysis of the effect of steel pipe annealing furnace:

Annealing is to heat the workpiece to a proper temperature (a certain temperature above or below 727 degrees C) and hold for some time, and then cool slowly with the furnace to obtain a heat treatment process near the equilibrium state, which can make the workpiece have good technical performance and performance.
The purpose of annealing is to eliminate and improve the organizational defects and internal stresses remaining in the previous process, and to prepare for the organization and performance of the subsequent process.

What factors should be considered in the design and development of steel pipe annealing furnace?

1. Design as per workpiece heat treatment process requirement for the steel pipe annealing furnace, and the design concept of the medium frequency induction heat treating furnace for different uses is different, for example, the material needed to be heated by the annealing furnace is different, then the heating speed, heating time, discharging speed and water cooling pressure are all different.
2.According to customer requirements, we can meet the production output that can be reached for targeted production.

3. The shape of steel pipe annealing furnace can be professionally designed according to the shape, quantity and specification of steel pipe.

In response to the energy saving and consumption reduction targets proposed by the government, Forever is striving to develop more and better energy-saving induction heating equipment. We have always believed that the quality is the life of the enterprise, the brand is the image of the enterprise.

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