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What is induction billet heater used for billet rolling?

What is induction billet heater used for billet rolling?

 Forever is the designer and manufacturer of induction billet heater, and is an industrial company integrating scientific research and development. According to the advantages of medium frequency billet induction heating furnace at home and abroad, as per the principle of reasonable structure, advanced technology, practical and reliable, convenient maintenance and fully considering the configuration requirements of the production site for induction billet heater, it has special points of safety, reliability, high efficiency, easy maintenance and so on. Compared with the ordinary line electric furnace, the energy saving effect is obvious, because the line is highly integrated, the connection is very few, the failure rate is low, the debugging and maintenance is simple.

The medium frequency induction billet heater applies the working principle of the transformer, the alternating magnetic field will be produced around the inductor (the primary coil of the transformer), and the metal workpiece (the transformer’s short circuit secondary coil) is placed around it. The electromotive force will be produced under the action of the alternating magnetic field, which is driven by the electromotive force. The electron flow in the workpiece induces the induced current. Under the action of resistance, the electric energy can be changed into heat energy, so that the workpiece can be heated.

The billet induction heating furnace is composed of induction heating coil, feeding mechanism, discharging mechanism, charging measuring device and hydraulic system. The structure of the billet induction heating furnace is extended to produce line shape, and at the same time, it is convenient for installation and maintenance. The feeding mechanism and the discharging mechanism are separately integral, so only need to assemble all the parts and fixed in the foundation with bolts. The infrared thermometer is installed at the discharge port of the furnace. The temperature measuring device is composed of two sets of non-contact light guide fiber thermometer and nickel chromium nickel aluminum non contact temperature measuring equipment. After completed heating, the discharging roller table begins to convey, which ensures that the billet is pushed out smoothly from the furnace of furnace. The discharging mechanism is composed of a roller with a motor drive. The inductor is composed of an induction furnace body, a supporting chassis, a guide rail, an insulating layer, an insulating layer, a stainless steel inner liner and a supporting mechanism.



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