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What is heat treatment?

Metal heat treatment furnace  is one of the important processes in mechanical manufacturing. Compared with other processing processes, heat treatment generally does not change the shape and overall chemical composition of the workpiece, but endows or improves the performance of the workpiece by changing the microstructure of the workpiece or the chemical composition of the surface of the workpiece. It is characterized by improving the internal quality of the workpiece, which is generally not visible to the naked eye.

induction preheating furnace


Heat treatment process generally includes heating, heat preservation, cooling three processes, sometimes only heating and cooling two processes. These processes are interlinked and uninterrupted.

When the metal is heated, the workpiece is often oxidized and decarbonized (that is, the surface carbon content of iron and steel parts is reduced) when the workpiece is exposed to air, which has a very negative effect on the surface properties of the parts after heat treatment. Therefore, metals should usually be heated in controllable atmosphere or protective atmosphere, molten salt and vacuum, or by coating or packaging.

When high energy density heating and surface heat treatment are used, the heating speed is very fast, and generally there is no holding time, but the holding time of chemical heat treatment is often longer.

process classification

The metal heat treatment process can be divided into general heat treatment, surface heat treatment and chemical heat treatment. Depending on the heating medium, the heating temperature and the cooling method, each large class can be distinguished from a number of different heat treatment processes. Different heat treatment processes are used in the same kind of metal, and different tissues can be obtained, thus having different properties. Iron and steel are the most widely used metals in the industry, and the steel microstructure is also the most complicated.



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