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What heating furnace is used for heating slab?

Induction heat treatment furnace is a metal heating equipment commonly used by various heat treatment manufacturers at present. Its structure is advanced, its technology is mature, and its centralized feeding, heating, unloading, conveying, etc. The integrated design of remote electric plate heating furnace brings more convenience and profit to users. The following editor gives you a detailed introduction to the price of electric heating equipment. Why is it more cost-effective? List a few simple points:


1, the price is cheap: Yuantuo electromechanical is nearly 20 years old, the big brand professional steel plate heating equipment manufacturer, rich experience, mature technology, reasonable pricing; and equipment direct sales, there is no middle price difference, so the price is more affordable.

2, quality-free: professional design, craftsmanship, to create more durable, more quality, and efficient, high-yield, environmental protection, energy-saving new induction heating equipment.

3, all-round: practical and close design, simple to replace the furnace body, remote mechanical and electrical to provide users with a more comprehensive, more diversified slab heating furnace.

4, service in place: perfect after-sale system, provide one-stop equipment installation, debugging, operation guidance, post-maintenance, repair and other series of services, starting from the heart, with emotional service.


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