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What furnace can heat billet for rolling ?

What furnace can heat billet for rolling ?

The billet induction heating furnace has small volume and high production capacity and is suitable for the needs of larger-scale rolling mills. It has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, smooth operation, high efficiency and energy saving, no pollution and less noise, and is widely used in building materials construction. In many fields such as hydropower, petroleum, etc., billet induction heating furnace is one of the preferred equipments for rolling rebars or steel balls.

There are many manufacturers of billet induction heating furnace in the country, distributed in various urban area. At present, the current production process, technical level has been very mature, basically tend to the international level, but the strength of each manufacturer is uneven,which also caused a certain choice of trouble, then how to buy billet induction heating furnace?

Billet induction heating furnace buying tips

When customers select billet heating furnace manufacturers and purchase equipment, they must have certain purchasing skills, which are summarized as follows:

1. First of all, to comprehensively search engines, friends recommended to select 3-5 more reliable induction heating equipment manufacturers, the initial focus based on the strength of manufacturers, market reputation, etc.;

2. Secondly, understand the type, model, etc. of the selected manufacturer’s equipment to see if it meets the production requirements and screen out 2-3 of them;

3. Next, if possible, visit the manufacturers plant to learn more about the quality of the billet induction heating furnace. Checking their testing machine, the user’s site, and the production workshop.

4. Finally, it should be noted that the customer should investigate whether the manufacturer of induction heating equipment has signed a purchase contract with the other customer and whether the after-sales service project is complete.

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