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What equipment is used for heating steel pipe? Pipe induction heating furnace that you must know

What equipment is used for heating steel pipe? Pipe induction heating furnace that you must know

Based on the product market and users’ demand, Forever improved pipe induction heating furnace through technical improvement and promotion. Compared with the same level electromagnetic induction heating equipment, the pipe induction heating furnace has three remarkable characteristics, which are fast heating temperature, wide range of operation and strong energy saving power.

Advantage of operation technology

With the design of the wider furnace frame, the heat resistance of the furnace frame is increased. The heating capacity of the pipe induction heating furnace is one of the largest in the same level induction heating equipment. The production efficiency and the temperature rising speed of the steel are greatly increased. The wear-resistant furnace body formed by the welding process has effectively extended the service life of pipe induction heating furnace.

At the same time, the pipe induction heating furnace has also been improved in its applicability, greater work scope, improved working efficiency, and also ensured that the heating form is more relaxed. The transmission system is equipped with original motor and has strong transmission capability. The new generation of main pump can give full play to the operation power of the motor furnace body, providing a reliable power source for the system, greatly improving the overall working ability, and also improve the working speed of the whole machine, so that the electromagnetic induction heating equipment can play excellent and fast working performance in a short time.

Parts Configuration

IGBT converter has achieved wider range of specification workpiece heating, and the power and frequency can be adjusted automatically as per different size and capacity requirement; the PLC console adopts advanced technology of integrated liquid crystal display, fault diagnosis and storage of current trend. Besides, the excellent matching design and super control ability of the system can be easily heated and cooled even for different workpieces.

The mechanism design to prevent misoperation is added: it can prevent accidents caused by misoperation.

The fine welding parts made by superior steel can ensure the strength and reliability of the electromagnetic induction heating equipment. The use of new high strength metal panels solves the problem of inadequate strength and deformation of original non-metal panels, and reduces user maintenance costs. The pipe induction heating furnace integrates flexibility and hardness, which implies the concept of man machine integration.

In general, the pipe induction heating furnace has the characteristics of novel appearance, reliable performance and high efficiency. It is also widely used in all kinds of steel and industrial processing. It has a wide range of operation and is a very cost-effective induction heating equipment.Welcome our customers to visit our factory.

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