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What equipment is used for drill pipe induction heat treating process?

What equipment is used for drill pipe induction heat treating process?

The drill pipe is a rod shaped metal workpiece, which plays an important role in the field of petroleum machinery industry, and has considerable market prospects. With the continuous development of industrial technology, the requirements for the performance quality of drill pipe are becoming more and more high. The induction heat treating furnace for drill pipe has become a hot investment industry, attracting a lot of investors’ attention.

Drill pipe induction heat treating

At present, the induction heating equipment is usually used as the induction heat treating line of oil drilling pipe because of its simple structure and advantages, which mainly show the following points:

1.Small volume, high yield, high efficiency, stable and reliable quality, simple operation and low investment cost;

2. The internal structure of the hardening and tempering furnace for drill pipe is reasonable, the installation and maintenance is more convenient, the safety of the equipment is higher, the environment is more adaptable and the use is more flexible and changeable.

3.Save electricity costs, while the operation of the equipment can effectively reduce noise, dust and other pollution.

 Characteristics of drill pipe induction heat treating furnace

Heat treatment is the key link in improving the performance quality of oil drill pipe. Generally, it will choose induction heating equipment produced by Forever, which is made of high-end technology and high quality material, and the advantages of the product are particularly remarkable.

1. The oil drill pipe after the heat treatment with our induction heating equipment has good quality, beautiful appearance, no burnout, deformation and other defects, and the industrial value is more substantial.

2.Induction heating equipment has high technology content, and adopts automatic operation system, which is more convenient for equipment operation, and saves labor, time and other costs.

3.Low energy consumption, less fault, green, less investment, these are the remarkable characteristics of drill pipe hardening and tempering furnace, is well deserved energy saving, green environmental protection, small investment, large income ideal equipment.

If you are looking for drill pipe induction heat treating furnace for your plant, welcome to contact with us. Our engineer will provide you the most suitable proposal and reasonable price as per our experience.

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