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What equipment can heat steel slab?

What equipment can heat steel slab?


Steel slab has wide application in our daily life, but how much do you know steel slab process? And do you know what equipment can heat steel slab? And what is the service conditions to use steel slab production equipment.Here Forever wants to introduce our Steel slab induction heating furnace.

Steel slab induction heating furnace Conditions and Prepared Parts by User

 1.Power supply: The client need to offer the capacity ≥12000KWVA high-voltage and the high-voltage distribution box which should be connected to the transformer wire,

2.The altitude should be less than 2000M and the relative humidity should be less than 90%

3.Equipment cooling:the 2 set three-phase pipes pumps of 15KW power are needed. The total flow of the equipment should ≧200m³/H.

The diameter of entering pipe is 8 inch and the diameter of output pipe is 10 inch.

4.Cooling circulating water:  The circulating water pool should be 200m3   and the water pressure should be 0.2-0.3Mpa. Also need to equip a set cooling tower of 800m3..

5.No conducting dust and corrosive gas.

6.The requirements of water quality:

               a.Total hardness 2.253.5 degree(CaO 2.253.5mg

               b. Dissolved Solids 300mg/1   

               c. PH  77.5

               d. Basicity<60mg/L   

               e. Conductivity <500us/cm

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