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What equipment can heat billet to 1100-1200℃?

What equipment can heat billet to 1100-1200℃?

In the steel industry, we usually use heating equipment to heat the billet for forging or rolling. Then what equipment can heat the billet to 1100-1200℃ with better heating effect? There are many kinds of billet heating furnace such as billet induction heating furnace, gas furnace, resistance furnace, mesh belt furnace etc.Then which kind of furnace should we choose?

We need to choose the suitable billet heating furnace from the aspects of uniform heating, high efficient, energy saving, small covering area, clean etc. Here Forever would like to introduce our billet induction heating furnace to you first. 

Forever is a well-known manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment, to provide customers with high-quality automatic complete set of billet induction heating furnace including transformer and cooling tower. Having more than 13 years’ experience in the filed of billet induction heater, Forever has become the well-known domestic high-tech enterprise  integrating  research, development, production and sales. The company is located in Wuqiao economic development zone which is internationally renowned “Acrobatics Base”.

Forever billet induction heating furnace advantages

1.High power density, fast heating speed, easy heating, suitable for energy saving heating method. For the same capacity, IF induction heating furnace consumes less than the frequency induction furnace.

2.Flexible and convenient operation, suitable for the production that need to change the workpiece size frequently.

3.The IF power supply frequency can be adapt wide size of workpiece and can automatically adjust the parameters.

4 Due to the high power density, no phase balance device, civil costs is small. Therefore, for the same productivity, the intinal investment cost is lower 10% to 15% than frequency induction furnace.

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