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What does hardening and tempering line include?

What does hardening and tempering line include?

When purchasing of hardening and tempering line, many users will want to know what does hardening and tempering line include and what is their structure. Forever will tell you about the main parts of Forever hardening and tempering line to let buyers have a good understanding.

Hardening and tempering line composition

1. IF hardening induction power supply

2. IF tempering induction power supply

3. Induction heating system for hardening

4. Induction heating system for tempering

5. Hardening induction heater

6.Tempering induction heater

7. Equipment connecting wire (water cable)

8. Storage rack with automatic feeding device

9. Automatic rotation feeding mechanism with the frequency of roller

10.Spraying device for cooling

11. Output platform and the receiving platform

12. Man-machine interface PLC remote console

13. Closed cooling system

14. infrared thermometer system (the United States Raytek double color temperature measurement)

Forever is the earlier high tech enterprise which is involved in induction heat treating furnace research and development and manufacturing. Having strong technology, Forever has a group of experienced and innovative IF professional and technical personnel. Over the years, the factory has been committed to the reliability of the equipment and energy-saving research. We finished 1200KW rebar hardening and tempering line for Anshan Steel group and 1000KW tubing hardening and tempering line for Philippines plant, also 7500KW steel billet induction heating furnace.

In strict accordance with the national electric heating equipment industry standards, from product design to the production process, Forever factory can conduct a comprehensive control and inspection, especially electrical components, which are from well-known domestic manufacturers to ensure that the quality of equipment and life.

Induction heating temperature is more uniform, the core and surface temperature difference is small. The application of temperature control system can achieve precise control for the heating temperature, improving product quality rate.

In recent years, according to market demand and development, the company’s main products are aimed at the international market, mainly exported to Japan, Russia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Armenia, Iran and other countries and regions.Welcome you to visit Forever factory for inspection and negotiation Forever hardening and tempering line !

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