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What does billet induction heating furnace include?

What does billet induction heating furnace include?

Forever is specialized in the design and production for medium frequency billet induction heating furnace and hardening and tempering line. Our engineers not only have profound theoretical foundation but also have a strong ability to solve on-site problems. At present, the main intermediate frequency equipment has round bar hardening and tempering furnace, billet induction heating furnace, steel bar induction quenching line, pipe quenching and tempering line. Especially our IGBT power supply is more reliable and energy saving.

As recently Forever got many inquiries about billet induction heating furnace, here we will mainly make a brief introduction for billet induction heating furnace.

Firstly, we want to say billet induction heating furnace has wide applications, such as billet induction heating for rolling rebars, flat sheet induction heating before rolling, billet increasing the heat inline, round billet heating before rolling steel balls.

Secondly, we will tell you the basic configuration

1.Intermediate frequency power supply
 Series IF power supply, full touch screen control, pure digital tuning, large power output, fast heating, energy saving and environmental protection, we have more than ten years of experience in induction heat treatment industry.
2. Induction heating furnace
The induction coils are designed as per workpiece size, the heating speed is fast; inductor brass turns evenly designed, with many years of work engineers to design, easy to control the temperature with good insulation performance.Outside adopts 8-10mm yellow board for protection, more durable.

3.PLC control system
PLC man-machine interface, highly user-friendly operation instructions, all-digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, according to different countries and regions can provide the appropriate language switch, with a key restore to the date of manufacture.

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