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What are the main advantages of billet induction heating equipment?

What are the main advantages of billet induction heating equipment?

Today Forever will make a simple introduction for the main advantages of billet induction heating equipment. After knowing more, user can know whether billet induction heating equipment is suitable for your factory or not.

Billet induction heating equipment main advantages :

1. Will not cause start-up problems due to ignition phenomenon;

2. All-digital control, unique temperature inspection device for SCR is intuitive and convenient.

3. Low power consumption, good economy, long operation, low cost.

4. The whole set of equipment can be designed to be completely closed form, warning sign is obvious, not only beautiful but also greatly improve the safety; a variety of protective measures to achieve more secure operation of equipment to provides a reliable guarantee.

5.Rapid heating speed, the degree of oxide layer on the surface is lighter.

6. Flexible in operation, reduce operator requirements. Complete equipment control is all-digital, and with a variety of instrument displays, intuitive and convenient; button-type operation is simple and easy to learn, reducing the operator’s requirements.

7. The workpiece surface hardening depth can be controlled through adjusting the working frequency and power. So that the hardened layer of martensite is fine and thin. The hardness, strength, toughness are higher.

8. High energy efficiency, energy saving and efficient products, will not produce noise and dust, it will not produce waste and exhaust gas.

It is obvious from the above that there are many advantages of the billet induction heating equipment.

Then what is the specific application of the Forever billet induction heating equipment?

1.Induction forging: If you need to heat steel to 1200℃ and forming or foging to other parts, you can use our billet induction heating equipment.

2.Inline heating: After the continuous casting billet discharging from the CCM, it will have heat loss during transporting to the rolling mill. If you used rolling mill to direct roll the billet, the roller will be damaged due to surface low temperature. Then you can use our billet induction heater to increase the surface billet temperature and then send into rolling mill. This process has been widely used in the mills at home and abroad.

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