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What are the characteristics of intermediate frequency heating equipment?

induction heat treatment machine can actually be divided into high-frequency heating equipment and  IGBT induction reheating machine,  high-frequency heating equipment is generally used for metal work-piece surface treatment, and intermediate-frequency heating equipment is more suitable for heat treatment.

long bar hardening and tempering production line

The intermediate frequency heating equipment has the characteristics that the current density of the intermediate frequency heating equipment is high, a special-shaped copper pipe is used for winding a coil with various shapes, the copper pipe is water-cooled, and a temperature-resistant lining is arranged between the work-piece and the coil and is assembled with each other. In which the copper tube must be made of high-quality copper material, the conductivity can be excellent, the smaller the impurity is, and the copper tube is soft in the annealing state and is not easy to break.

The structure of intermediate frequency heating equipment is that the current flows through the coil and the work-piece at the same time, so the electric power between them is quite large, and the work-piece moves in the lining of the coil and bears the pressure of the work-piece. Therefore, it is necessary to fasten the turn and turn of the coil to prevent the movement and the short circuit between the coils. This fastening must be firm, otherwise the low frequency vibration will cause noise, so the coil turn should be insulated and fastened. Must be clamped and fixed with the end plate, like a complete solid.

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