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What are the characteristics of intelligent induction heating equipment?

The biggest characteristic of  IGBT induction reheating machine is that it can be processed by frequency conversion, that is to say, the equipment can adjust the passing current according to the specific requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of using different temperatures in different workpiece processing.

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In the intelligent induction heating equipment, there is a device which converts the three-phase power frequency alternating current into direct current. This device can also turn the direct current into adjustable current and supply the alternating current flowing through the capacitance and induction coil. High density magnetic lines are produced in the induction ring, and then these magnetic lines can be made of metal materials to achieve the effect of workpiece processing.

So what are the characteristics of intelligent induction heating equipment?

1, the control core part: the world’s most advanced high-speed digital signal processor (HDSP), and the use of special chips as auxiliary processors.

2. The inverter device generally adopts high efficiency and fast resonance control mode, the inverter efficiency is more than 95%, and the power factor of the host computer is more than 0.9.

3. The equipment has a design structure of air cooling and water cooling.

4, control mode: all digital high efficiency and fast resonance, can adapt to various parameters of the sensor, intelligent equipment power supply generally built in digital PID temperature control module.

5, with IO interface: analog output, analog input, IO output and IO input interface, RS232 or RS485 communication interface.

6. The communication interface can be connected to a special data recorder.

7, power regulation mode: stepless adjustable, can be adjusted from 0% to 100%, the resolution is 0.1% or 0.01%, the output stability can reach 0.3% or 0.025%.


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