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What are the advantages of intermediate frequency induction heating eqpment?

The IGBT induction heating furnace is heated by an intermediate frequency electromagnetic principle, so that the production is environment-friendly, and the induction heat treatment equipment adopts a PLC numerical control type operation, and the production and realization of one-key operation are realized, and the degree of automation is high. At present, the intermediate frequency heating electric furnace is popular in the market, and is widely used in mining machinery, wind power machinery, petroleum machinery, machinery manufacturing and other industries. The intermediate frequency induction heating equipment integrates the mobility and the working stability, meets the work requirement of the heat treatment, the performance is stable during the heat treatment, the load rate of the whole set of equipment is over 99%, and the whole set of equipment can be continuously produced for 24 hours without stopping and has reliable performance stability. In addition, the whole set of equipment is equipped with PLC control system, remote centralized control equipment operation, one-key operation, more secure, more convenient and intelligent.

Because IF induction heating equipment is a non-standard product, the actual configuration takes the user’s demand as the main reference, and FOREVER Mechanical&M can provide you with free configuration service. The technical personnel of FOREVER Mechanical&M can customize the appropriate processing scheme according to your work-piece size, material, shape, production requirements, production efficiency, etc. In order to ensure that the scheme planning is in place, we recommend that you come to visit the commissioning machine, explain your requirements to our technical personnel face to facilitate further formulate a better operation plan.

The working advantages of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment are as follows: 1, it can be used for whole heat treatment or local heat treatment of metal work-piece, low energy consumption, small deformation and high heating quality. 2, driven by frequency converter, one per shaft is installed to realize step-less adjustment, operation speed controllable and production stable; 3, single machine self-made production line, but also with other mechanical equipment online production, to form a set of continuous production line, mechanization, high degree of automation; FOREVER Electro-mechanical provides you with all kinds of metal intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, mature casting technology, preferential quotation of equipment, manufacturer direct sale, FOREVER electro-mechanical equipment sold for you, can be installed and debugged free of charge for you, to ensure that the equipment can be put into production normally, later production is supported after long-term sale, any problem you can contact our FOREVER electro-mechanical and mechanical technical personnel at any time

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