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What about skew rolling steel ball equipment ?

What about skew rolling steel ball equipment ?


Steel ball manufacturing process includes casting,forging and rolling. Among the three process, rolling is a new technology to make steel balls. Hot rolled steel balls has all the advantages of steel material. Then you will ask what equipment can make hot rolled steel balls? We want to say Forever Furnace skew rolling steel ball equipment will be your best choice.

The advantages of hot rolled steel balls

1.Hot rolled steel ball has all the advantages of steel and will become  high quality grinding steel balls after heat treatment.

2.The production efficiency is high; the output is big; rolling ball production  has realized mechanization; the automation degree is extremely high which do not need  manual operation.

3.Stable quality, high hardness, good hardenability, compact metallographic organization , fine grain size and deformation. Steel ball will not be deformed from start to end.  Impact toughness can be up to 12 35J/cm2; broken rate is less than 1%;

4. Low energy consumption, no pollution, low labor intensity and low production costs.

5. The shape is good; the geometric tolerance is small; the quality is stable.

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Post time: 03-31-2016