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Web celebrity in the field of billet induction heating furnace in China

Web celebrity in the field of billet induction heating furnace in China

With the internet spread and development in the world, a lot of web celebrity become famous in various kinds of fields, such as dancing, talk show, food, make-up, clothes and so on. The reason why we called them “web celebrity” is that they are very personal or show something that is helpful to people through the tool of internet. Actually there is also web celebrity in every field in the world, for example, Forever billet induction heating furnace is very popular in the world and its advantages of energy saving, homogeneous heating, reliable quality and performance have helped a lot of users to get more profits. Here we would like to talk something about Forever billet induction heating furnace.

Forever billet induction heating furnace is common to use in the steel mill or forging plant, which adopts IGBT converter to adapt more sizes of billet heating work. The IGBT frequency conversion and function adjustment, parallel resonance dual control and automatic frequency tracking technology of Forever induction billet heater can ensure high reliability. The equipment has fast heating speed, no carbon decarbonization phenomenon, energy saving and environmental protection. It can achieve high efficiency, high power factor and high power efficiency in full power range. The billet induction heating furnace has complete functions and high automation. The steel billet induction heating furnace has a high starting success rate, full load and 24 hours continuous working capacity. Constant Output Voltage/Constant Output Power Control Selection Function, Displays Frequency, Power, Voltage and Current on the Screen. The temperature of the workpiece is controlled by the American Raytek thermometer and the heating is more uniform. We can also equip the air cooling system as per user’s requirement.

Forever advanced billet induction heating furnace is an energy-saving and environmental protection equipment in modern heat treatment process. It is an intelligent heating equipment which meets the requirements of environmental protection, quality and efficiency of users. So far, except the billet induction furnace, Forever machines has been involved in the hardening and tempering furnace, surface quenching furnace, annealing furnace for bars, pipes, plate, etc. Welcome to send us inquiry.



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