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Understanding hardening and tempering machine; Producing superior productg?

Understanding hardening and tempering furnace; Producing superior product

Forever hardening and tempering furnace is our strength with mature technology, many cases and good feedback. Then Forever will give you introduction about the process about induction heat treating furnace to help you can make full use of hardening and tempering furnace.
First worker need to put the workpiece on the feeding storage platform and then the feeder will send the material to the transportation system. Then the material will be send to the roller by cylinder and go forward.The material will be sent to the first heating stage for attitudinizing. After heating to 1000 degree C, the material will be sent to spraying water tank. Then the material internal struction will transferred into martensite. The attitudinizing process includes material preheating and material warm-up.The second stage is for holding to make the material internal performance stable. This process also includes preheating and holding.

Forever main hardening and tempering furnace: round bar hardening and tempering furnace- steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace - steel plate hardening and tempering furnace - sucker rod hardening and tempering furnace - long axis hardening and tempering furnace. Forever will provide you with professional induction heating technology proposals.

Casing pipe hardening and tempering furnace: petroleum machinery has higher requirements on the product, such as drill collar, drill pipe, sucker rod etc. according to its characteristics, Forever join the module design elements, making the temperature goes up gradually in the conditions that total efficiency not change to ensure that the product organization has good and stable performance.
Mine machinery hardening and tempering furnace: With the increase in demand for steel pipe products, how to improve production at the same time to ensure product quality is the key for market competition. For this key elements, Forever design hardening and tempering furnace suitable for seamless pipe, strand lead and stainless ERW pipe, which is used for pipe quenching, tempering ,annealing or bright annealing.

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