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Tubing induction heat treatment furnace is energy saving and environmental protection

Tubing induction heat treatment furnace is energy saving and environmental protection

As a necessary tool for drilling, geological drilling and drilling, tubing plays an extremely important role in drilling. Because of the poor underground environment, the life of tubing is shortened, so it is difficult to meet the needs of deep well drilling. The tubing body material is 30CrMnSiA or 45MnMoB, in order to meet the needs of the work, it is necessary to use the tubing induction heat treatment furnace from Forever to heat treatment and processing of the tubing.

Hebei Forever is an entity manufacturer specializing in induction heating equipment for heat treatment industry. Forever technology strength is strong, the production equipment is stable, reliable and reliable. Product sales has been involved five continents in the world. The application of induction heating technology involves the following fields: automobile manufacturing industry, high speed railway industry, urban rail transit industry, steel manufacturing industry, wind power manufacturing industry, petrochemical industry, mining machinery industry, and many other fields of production and maintenance.

With the medium frequency induction heating equipment, the tubing is quenched and heat treated, and the imitation induction heater produced by Forever tubing induction heat treatment furnace is customized according to the size of the user’s workpiece. The advantage of this kind of inductor is to ensure the quenching temperature and the uniformity of the quenching area, raise the quenching effect of the tubing, and make the hardness, wear resistance and service life of tubing after heat treatment are greatly increased, which meets the requirements of workpiece work.

pipe quenching and tempering furnace

The tubing is quenched and heated by the electric tubing induction heat treatment furnace of Forever. Before the equipment work, no preheating work is needed. It can be heated directly, which saves a lot of trouble and reduces the labor intensity of the workers. The tubing induction heat treatment furnace adopts induction heating technology, energy saving and environmental protection.

Hebei Forever company, as the manufacturer of induction heating equipment, has been widely used in various fields such as railway transportation, wind power machinery, oil machinery, mine, automobile manufacturing and so on. It can provide reasonable induction heat treatment technology and high quality equipment or thoughtful equipment for customers. Enterprises are willing to serve the new and old customers wholeheartedly with advanced technology, reliable quality and excellent service.

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