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These skills to buy billet induction heating furnace, do you get it?

These skills to buy billet induction heating furnace, do you get it?

Billet induction heating furnace is is one of the essential equipment in the steel mills. Either you heat cold billet or used for continuous casting and rolling process, you have to buy one set of billet induction heating furnace. Compared with gas furnace, the billet can obtain uniform heating and very small temperature difference from the core to the surface, which can reduce the damage for the rolling die.Especially, the oxidation skin is much smaller than gas furnace heating, which reduce the raw material waste.

1. Make full use of the Internet

In the age of modernization, the power of the Internet is strong, and only you can’t imagine that no Internet can’t find it.Before purchasing billet induction heating furnace , it is suggested that the customers should collect the better manufacturers of induction billet heater on the Internet and understand the following two points:

A.Browse the factory official website: a series of browse and view of the official website of the excellent search manufacturers, from the overall layout to have initial understanding of the strength of the manufacturer, the type of billet induction heating furnace and so on.

B. Understand the concept of equipment: Search the manufacturer’s information to know more about their equipment function, components, process and so on.

Induction billet heater

2.Visiting the factories

Only through the Internet, it’s not easy to select the excellent factories to buy more suitable billet induction heating furnace. Therefore, customers also need to pay a visit to our factory and make on-site inspection to the manufacturers. The contents of the study are as follows:

A.To see the strength of the manufacturer:Spot consulting billet induction heating furnace manufacturer’s production capacity, operating conditions, economic benefits and so on, you must choose more powerful manufacturers, equipment itself and future service will be more guaranteed.

B.See the quality of equipment: You can observe the induction billet heater production process and how they make the holding in the production workshop, and understand the production of equipment, technology, and so on.

C.See the equipment testing: You can request the supplier to take you to the near working site to see the machine working status, such as start time, heating effect, running speed and so on.

3. No hurry to pay or sign a contract

Do not rush to pay after you selecting the manufacturer of billet induction heating furnace. Some manufacturers may exaggerate the functions and advantages of their billet induction heater, give false information, or promise the conditions that they can not realize. Therefore, before making the payment, you should discussed the details such as freight, after-sales service, quality warranty, technical guidance and so on.

In a word, if you want to buy qualified equipment, you can not only see the price but also need to check the equipment quality and service.

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