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These should be paid attention to when the metal heat treatment equipment is operated!

What are the matters needing attention in the operation of metal induction heat treatment machine ?

Before the first use, the power regulating knob should be adjusted counterclockwise to a lower level, and the knob should be adjusted clockwise to the appropriate position after starting heating. The current should be adjusted according to different workpiece and process requirements. The water must be electrified for 2 minutes and then electrified to ensure that the water source is clean and the water temperature should not exceed 60 ℃. If the water temperature is too high, the use should be suspended. The water used for cooling workpiece can not participate in the circulation system of equipment water use, because of its too many impurities and high temperature, it is easy to cause the equipment waterway to block and damage the internal components of the equipment and affect the normal use.

When replacing the sensor, the equipment should be cut off and the interface screw should not be loosened (it is generally necessary to use two wrenches to complete this operation). What are the matters needing attention in the operation of metal heat treatment equipment? Three-phase fire wire should be ≥ 16mm2 copper wire, zero wire should be ≥ 6mm2 copper wire to ensure reliable connection, and regularly check whether there is shedding or loosening phenomenon. If the metal heat treatment equipment needs to be maintained or overhauled, it should stop working and disconnect the power supply before it can be carried out until the pointer of DC voltmeter is reduced to a low level.

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