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The whole set of induction heating equipment

With the sustained development of the industrial economy all over the country, the demand for high-quality metal products in various industries has not been reduced, and the demand for performance is getting higher and higher, so that the demand for Induction heat treatment furnace is more and more in the market, Pay attention to the more and more users of round steel heat treatment equipment, so the user is also very concerned about how much the induction heating equipment is, look at the following:

Working principle of induction heating equipment the round steel bar stock heat treatment equipment is a device which is processed by adopting an electromagnetic principle, the induction current is directly generated from the inside of the metal steel bar through an inductor, the heat efficiency is up to over 95 percent, the high-efficiency processing is realized, the induction principle is adopted, The surface of the metal steel bar is not easy to produce the phenomena of scale, burning, decarbonization and deformation, and the processing quality is reliable.

The premise of understanding the price of induction heating equipment is to understand which equipment is included in round rod electric heating equipment: a complete round steel rod conditioning production line is basically composed of intermediate frequency power supply, automatic feeding rack, transportation system, induction heating system, cooling system, automatic feeding rack and control system.

induction hardening machine

At present, it is very good to invest in a full set of round rod quenching and tempering equipment. However, when choosing and purchasing equipment, we must grasp the quality, only if the quality is up to standard and the equipment is stable and continuous production, can we continue to create benefits. Yuantuo electromechanical production has a full set of induction heating furnace, each equipment is strictly checked, reliable quality, affordable price, is worth a look at the round rod electric heating equipment manufacturers.


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