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The surface quenching treatment of metal workpiece is more suitable for using medium frequency electric furnace.

When we use induction reheating machine to quench the surface of metal workpiece, the surface center of the part presents different microstructure, and the deformation will be very complicated. For example, we use the induction heating equipment of intermediate frequency furnace to heat the metal workpiece. The hardening part of the surface layer should expand corresponding to its carbon content, while the internal non-hardened part can inhibit the deformation of the surface layer, so the compressive stress of the surface layer and the tensile stress of the center are retained.

Surface quenching due to the thin hardened layer, generally speaking, the deformation is small. However, for some parts, because the heating speed of intermediate frequency electric furnace is very fast, the cooling speed is also faster, and the internal stress of workpiece is large, it may also produce bending, elliptical and other deformation, especially the quenching layer will deepen relatively. Or if the temperature is too high, the workpiece is more likely to deform and sometimes cause quenching cracks. The induction heating equipment has strong on-line heating ability and meets the requirements of environmental protection. It does not produce waste smoke, exhaust gas, noise and so on. The whole set of intermediate frequency electric furnace is easy to realize equipment mechanization and automatic production, which reduces the working intensity of workers and can replace some old resistance furnace and coal furnace and other heating methods. Remote heat treatment equipment equipped with far infrared thermometer real-time monitoring to ensure uniform heating of metal workpiece, high temperature control accuracy of intermediate frequency electric furnace. The heat treatment equipment of remote development can be customized according to the process of user workpiece, and the corresponding induction heating furnace can be arranged according to the size of workpiece machined. the replacement is simple, fast and convenient, and does not affect the production.

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