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The strength occupies the opportunity, and the performance of the heat treatment equipment for far-distance reinforcement is excellent.

The supplier of Induction heat treatment furnace and quenched and tempered heat treatment equipment, which is specialized in electrical and mechanical engineering, is developing rapidly today. If there is a good design, quality assurance, reliable performance, and in the process of use, it will bring us benefits. The same is true of the rebar heat treatment equipment in the heat treatment equipment.

The steel bar heat treatment equipment, the steel tube quenching furnace, the steel bar heating equipment, the steel billet heating furnace, the steel bar heat treatment equipment and the professional manufacturer and the professional team research and development, manufacture, production, The induction heating furnace, the quenching heat treatment equipment and the tempering heat treatment production line for heat treatment of various metal workpieces such as the steel reinforcement heat treatment equipment and the like are provided.

The rebar heat treatment equipment system mechatronics heating design, the heating equipment bottom is the electrical system, the upper part is the heating inductor, the induction heating equipment is equipped with the fully automatic feeding device and the rapid discharging device, In addition, there are temperature sorting and temperature measuring device to realize the automatic operation of metal heating process, and obtain high qualified products.

The steel reinforcement heat treatment equipment input and output system, induction heating coil, quenching cooling system, tempering heat insulation system and PLC intelligent control system, etc., make the heat treatment equipment of the whole set of steel reinforcement have the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance and high degree of automation.

Air-cooled induction heating power supply can start up quickly at any temperature, any load, and meet the requirements of frequent start-up. The rebar heat treatment equipment is controlled by air cooling induction power supply, which can be used when the power supply is connected, which is more than 30% energy saving compared with the conventional SCR control power source, which reduces the cost greatly. The whole set of induction heating equipment is equipped with advanced temperature control technology, high temperature precision, good temperature uniformity, rich detection, self-diagnosis, alarm function and multiple safety protection devices.

Steel bar heat treatment equipment in the production process also has a unique environmental protection optimization function, so that the whole heat treatment process without smoke and dust, noise-free and high-temperature environment. Reasonable design, reasonable layout, so that the production of high qualified rate, in line with international standards. If you have other technical problems of induction heating furnace, you can call our hotline at any time and provide free consulting services.

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