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The reasons for price difference of quench and temper line

The reasons for price difference of quench and temper line

    The price is always one of the important factors that decide whether customers buy it or not. As a set of induction heat treating equipment, quench and temper line is the same. The customers will receive different prices from the suppliers when they make the inquiry for quench and temper line. Then it’s very important to know where the price difference is. It will directly effect the quality of quench and temper line. Here Forever will give you specific explanation to you .

 1.The driving mode

       Usually the manufacturer will design chain type driving mode as the transportation power. But if one of the chain has problem, then the whole conveying system will stop to work. If changing with separate frequency motors, there is no this problem. Even on motor has problem, the system can still work. The cost of separate frequency motors is three times than chain type.

2.Roller material

    Usually the  manufacturer will use 304 stainless steel as the roller and carton steel as the shaft. But the shaft also use the 304 stainless steel, then the price will have much difference.

3.Infrared thermometer

    Usual brand is OK for domestic of quench and temper line user. But for foreign customers, the manufacturer must use the import infrared thermometer. It’s not only import famous brand will be stable but also the user can buy it easily if there is problem.

4.Water cooling system

   In China, we don’t add water filtration system for the water cooling machine as the water quality is good. But in some countries, the water cooling system should set up water filtration system as the water quality is not good. Then this cost will also effect the total price.

In total, the  reason for price difference of quench and temper line is mainly the details. So the customer have to come to the manufacturer’s plant for visiting before purchasing the quench and temper line.

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