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The reasonable price steel bar quenching furnace-What are you waiting for?

The reasonable price steel bar quenching furnace-What are you waiting for?

The steel bar quenching furnace is a kind of induction heating equipment for the heat treatment and quenching of the metal steel bars, also known as the metal heat treatment equipment. It is called the steel bar induction heat treatment furnace, which can do quenching process for the grinding rod, torsion bars, sucker rod and so on. It has advantages of high efficiency heat treatment production capacity, automatic, intelligent, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and other advantages.

Steel bar quenching furnace is a kind of heat treatment equipment using electromagnetic induction principle technology. One of its remarkable advantages is cheap price, energy saving, suitable for large and simple metal workpiece batch production. Because of low price, high efficiency, environmental protection, good heat treatment effect of workpiece, short recovery period of capital, more users prefer to choose steel bar quenching furnace. So what are the specific advantages of the steel bar quenching furnace? How is the field application?

Firstly,the bright spot of the steel bar quenching furnace

1.Split design, the same output, small occupation, low investment and low operation cost;

2.Complete functions, high degree of automation, saving a lot of artificial resources;

3. The medium frequency current heat treatment is used to heat up the heating efficiency and reduce the power consumption.

4. After heat treatment, the surface of the workpiece is bright, beautiful, uniform in heating, small in deformation and good in quality.

5. Excellent workmanship, durable equipment, small workpiece wear and long service life.

Secondly, the price of steel bar quenching furnace is substantial

Because of the simple structure and mature technology of steel bar quenching furnace, the cost of production is relatively low, which is also one of the main reasons for its cheap price. In addition, there are many manufacturers of steel bar quenching furnace in China, which manufacturers offer more favorable equipment? Here we would like to recommend Forever for your reference, which has good reputation, strong strength and good after-sales service as the professional manufacturer of hardening and tempering furnace.

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