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The reason of energy saving and consumption reduction of induction heating equipment

With the development of industry, some enterprises ignore environmental protection and rational utilization of resources in order to benefit, leading to serious greenhouse effect and changeable weather.Therefore, the country has put forward the 12th five-year plan to save energy and reduce emissions.Therefore, some enterprises and factories in China began to apply a new type of heating equipment – induction heating equipment.How can induction heating equipment save energy and reduce emissions?Ask the expert of our country yun to do an analysis for us:

long bar hardening and tempering production line

Advantages of induction heating machine

Compared with flame furnace and resistance furnace heating, the main advantages of induction heating equipment are:

(1) fast heating speed, which can increase the productivity of heating equipment exponentially, reduce costs, and improve the service life of molds.

(2) short heating time and high efficiency.

(3) the oxidation rate of the blank of induction heating equipment is only 0.3% ~ 1%, while the burning loss rate of the flame furnace is 3%.

(4) the induction heating equipment has less heat dissipation and rarely produces flue gas and dust, and the workshop temperature is relatively small, which can improve the workshop environment and working conditions.

(5) it is convenient for computer operation and easy to realize modern management mode


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